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Barakat Insurance is highly experienced in helping guide our clients through the quoting & sign-up process for health coverage.  We eliminate all the headaches for our clients.  We also completely represent our clients from quoting to enrollment, claims, and appeals.

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Health policies today offer much higher coverage than they did in the early 2000’s and prior.  Take a look below:

Pre-existing conditions covered
ER & Ambulance
Primary & Specialist Visits
Preventive Care
Pregnancy & Diabetics
...and more!

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Both plans cover the same, and are both major medical coverage. Difference, is "On-market" you get a subsidy to help pay your premium. "Off-market" you pay your premium in full.
ACA plans are 100% major medical. Short term plans, and others are supplements that are to go ONTOP of a major medical plan. These plans do not cover everything, or you are going to pay high out of pocket costs.
Yes, yes, & yes. Not on short-term and other types, but they are covered under these major medical plans.
We make the process simple, and represent you from beginning til the time you decide to terminate. You pay us nothing.
All carriers have their own network. I teach you about your network and hoe to stay within it. We also prep you on what type of physicians you may get "surprise billing" from and how to stay away from it.
It depends which plan you are on. But, most carriers today are offering EPO plans, in where you remain in an HMO network, but you are not required to obtain a referral.

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