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Even though Medicare Part A and B do cover healthcare costs, these policies do not cover all healthcare expenses. Thus, a majority of Americans on Medicare have significant out of pocket expenses associated with Medicare Parts A and B. To help reduce the out of pocket expenses due to deductibles and coinsurance, AARP Health Insurance offers Medicare Supplement plans. The key reasons why AARP Health Insurance is of benefit to seniors is that the plans are focused and take into consideration the cost and health needs of the individual. Since millions of seniors are already registered with this supplemental AARP Health Insurance plan, the costs are generally low.

Medicare Options for AARP members in St. Cloud

In Kissimmee and St. Cloud, AARP Health Insurance is available for seniors age 65 and older. You must already be enrolled in both Original Medicare Parts A and B. Whether you need to add Medicare Part B, or you simply want to add the benefits of AARP Health Insurance supplements for Medicare, Barakat Insurance of St. Cloud can help.

AARP health insurance, in the form of Medicare supplements, does not offer coverage in conjunction with Medicare Advantage plans. It is important to consult with a licensed agent who can help you to determine which choice is right for you.

What does AARP Health Insurance cover?

In most cases, AARP Health Insurance supplement plans will help cover some of your out-of-pocket expenses and/or deductibles that Original Medicare doesn’t pay. In general, AARP supplemental health insurance will cover 100% of most preventive services and 50% of the costs of any mental health service.

Talk to an insurance agent for additional information about Medicare supplement coverages offered for AARP Health Insurance. St. Cloud, Florida based health insurance agents who specialize in Medicare options can help. 

What are the benefits of AARP Supplemental insurance?

For those who join AARP Health Insurance St Cloud, the benefits include the following:

  • The insurance will cover some of the healthcare expenses that are not paid by Medicare Parts A and B
  • The insurance will allow you to keep or select any healthcare provider who accepts Medicare patients
  • No referrals are required to consult with a specialist who accepts Medicare patients
  • When you travel, you can use this coverage anywhere in the continental US, where Medicare is accepted
  • There are no restrictions within the network
  • The rates remain stable
  • Patients have choices to access multiple plans
  • Getting reimbursed is easy as fewer forms are required
  • Coverage is available throughout the US
  • As long as the premiums are paid on time, the coverage is guaranteed

How many types of AARP Health Insurance supplemental Insurance plans are available?

Nationwide, there are eight AARP Medicare Supplemental plans available. There are some minor variations in the plans in some states but all of them offer the same basic benefits. AARP Medicare Supplements plans are available based on your health needs and affordability

How does one obtain AARP supplemental insurance?

To enroll in an AARP Medicare Supplement Plan, one must first be an AARP member. The membership application is available online and is straight forward. If you have any questions, you can contact AARP at their toll-free number 888-OUR-AARP.

Are AARP Medicare Supplemental plans reputable?

AARP Medicare supplemental plans are insured and endorsed by AARP. Further, these Medicare Supplemental plans are only available to seniors age 65 and older. For many years, the AARP brand has served the health needs of millions of Americans with high-quality service, excellent coverage in preventive care, free gym membership, and lower healthcare bills. 

Can AARP Insurance be combined with Medicare Plan D?

Yes, AARP Medicare supplement plans can be combined with either individual or group Medicare Part D plans. Prescription drug coverage is comprehensive and includes even the latest medications. The combination of AARP Medicare supplement with Part D significantly lowers the overall cost of medications.

Does AARP St Cloud Health supplemental Insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

Yes. There was a new health law passed recently by the Federal government and insurers cannot reject individuals with pre-existing diseases. To be eligible for coverage with a pre-existing health condition, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be an American citizen or a legal immigrant
  • Have proof of the pre-existing medical disorder
  • Show proof that you have been denied coverage because of your medical condition

Does AARP Medicare supplement pay for a gym membership?

Yes, A free gym membership is available to those who purchase the AARP Supplemental insurance plan. One can have access to nationwide fitness centers and gyms.

Are there other supplemental health insurance policies available?

Yes, there are dozens of supplemental health care policies on the market but the most important thing to know is that none of them offer comprehensive medical coverage. Today one can find disease-specific policies like ‘heart disease’ or ‘cancer policies’. Allowing Medicare Recipients the option to add these illness-specific supplements helps keep costs down for others who may be at less risk and therefore not want to pay the additional expense.

There are also hospital indemnity policies that do pay a limited amount for each day you are admitted but such policies do not cover the overall healthcare costs. For example, if you need surgery or you need a radiological study, this is not always covered under other options, so these indemnity policies can be of great value to some. 

What is the cost of AARP Health Insurance Medicare Supplement?

The cost of the AARP supplemental insurance depends on the type of plan. In general, the premiums vary from $70-$270 a month. Overall, supplement plans which require a high monthly premium tend to have low deductibles and vice versa. There are individual and group rates available. In addition, some of the AARP St Cloud Health supplemental plans will provide coverage for the family at extra costs.

How do I decide which AARP Health supplemental plan is best for me?

The world of health insurance is complex, and changes in coverage are occurring constantly. If you are having a difficult time selecting the best AARP health insurance or AARP Medicare supplemental plan, then you can consult with our agency where you can speak to a health insurance broker. The consultation is free. Always have your questions written down on paper so that you do not forget.

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