Life insurance form being completed.

What type of life insurance is best?

There are three popular types of life insurance policies, each with its unique offerings. Each type of policy will pay a death benefit to your selected beneficiary at the time of your death. However, in recent years some life insurance policies also offer some type of benefit while you are alive.
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Health Insurance form marked 2019 with American Flag background.

5 Ways You Can Still Sign Up for Health Insurance in 2021

The idea of being without health insurance for an entire year during the Covid-19 pandemic is quite frightening. Yet, millions of Americans are without a health insurance plan. If you missed the open enrollment deadline, or you have lost your health insurance unexpectedly due to unemployment, there is hope. You can still sign up for health insurance in Florida under many circumstances.
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A woman searches for short term health insurance during the pandemic.

Short Term Health Insurance in Florida

Without adequate healthcare coverage, you could face significant out of pocket costs in the event of a medical emergency. It is good to know your options for health insurance. Short term health insurance in Florida is a potential solution which can get you coverage for up to three years.
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