Property and Casualty Insurance covers family home and auto

Types of Property and Casualty Insurance

Types of Property and Casualty Insurance for Central Floridians There are many types of Property and Casualty Insurances available to help people in Central Florida protect their assets. Some insurances are required by state law in many circumstances.  Even when not required by law, having the right property and casualty insurance coverage is important for […]
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Elderly patient in hospital - Medicare Part A Covers

What Medicare Part A Covers

As of July 2020, 17% of Americans (55 million) who rely on Medicare for their healthcare coverage. The Medicare program consists of four parts; here we will discuss what Medicare Part A covers. In general, individuals who have Medicare Part A do not have to pay a monthly premium, but there are other fees like […]
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Woman using Medicare Part B - Covers Doctor Visit

What Medicare Part B Covers

What Medicare Part B Covers  For those who have qualified for Medicare Part A, they are also qualified for Medicare Part B coverage. Individuals over the age of 65 who are already recipients of Social Security funds are automatically enrolled in Medicare Part B, but they can opt-out. To obtain Medicare Part B coverage, one […]
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